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Digital Creativity: Something from Nothing by Gregory Sporton

Sporton Digital Creativity
Digital Creativity was published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2015. It examines the impact of technology on the creative practitioner, how it influences, and sometimes determines, the way they work and what they produce. It questions the claims to creativity of the technology industry, and at the same time argues for seeing computing as a craft practice. Artists and craftspeople have always been drawn to new technologies for inspiration, and the book seeks to contextualize the frenzy of claims about the impact of digital technology against the reality of what it is to be creative. The different motivations for creativity are tested, making much-needed distinctions between the practices of the arts and the models of innovation in engineering and elsewhere in the technology industries. Finally, the book warns of the problems ahead if technology comes to dominate creative practice, either by defining it or imitating it. Ultimately, artists must engage with it if it is to retain a human form and scale.

How do our ideas, actions and objects create our culture?

Sporton posing...

Sporton at University of Illinois

The Sporton Professorial Inaugural Lecture

Took place at the Birmingham Conservatoire, Birmingham City University on Tuesday, Nov 1st, 2011. Link to video material and the paper from the Lecture.

My work seems to cover a broad range of research fields, but in the end turns on one question. My original background was as a professional dancer, and it was through this route that my career in Higher Education developed. As an academic, I was trained as an ethnographer, and many of my publications reflect this in methodology and subject matter. Latterly, my research focus has been on the impact of new technology on the practice of the arts through my role as Director of the VRU at BCU and in founding the CPDA department at the University of Greenwich, which was a natural extension of my research. My other major area of recent enquiry has been the former USSR, and I am often found doing research in Moscow on ballet in Soviet times. What holds all this together is a search for an understanding of how culture emerges from the strange mixture of ideas, objects and actions. My curiosity is invariably stimulated when I sense the absence of critical dynamics, having seen up close what it costs. Creative practice is not intellectual process by other means: it is far more complex than that, and the dubious history of privileging intellectual accounts ahead of practical work is a major theme.

Research Projects links to information about VRU based research work, which is usually collaborative. Some performance/exhibition related works have also been included towards the foot of the page.

Contact methods…

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Sporton on his beloved scooter Selected Abstracts available here

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Double Take 360

30 years ago, I collaborated with dancer Sandra Norman on a stylish duet ‘Double Take’, subsequently performed around New Zealand for most of 1986. On the 26th of April 2017, the original dancers as they are now, in their early fifties, reworked the Double Take choreography alongside footage of their earlier performances at the University of Greenwich.

Never Talk to Strangers: Performances for the Sporton Professorial Inaugural

Video of the Performance section of the Sporton Inaugural. Thanks to Tycho Michailidis.

The VRU Watertower, Sporton, Scott, Makiola, Wang, Zhao. Commissioned for the closing of Selly Oak Hospital, Birmingham, June 2010.

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Patent no: WO/2010/084348 A MOTION CAPTURE APPARATUS

MotivePro was a long-running project funded by a number of agencies for its development since 2007. These include NESTA (£21k), the Spinner Fund of Advantage West Midlands (£40k) and contributions from BCU’s RIE. The challenge was to design a motion sensor system that gives feedback to movers in real time.

This has led to the securing of a patent, and conference presentations at the International Association of Dance, Medicine & Science (Den Haag, 2009) and the Digital Research in Humanities and the Arts conference (London, 2010) . There have been with subsequent invitations to speak at the Birmingham Science City Digital World conference (2010) and the prestigious Association of Dance and Medical Research in Monaco (2010). This in turn led to the publication of a short article for the journal Research in Dance Education, and an invitation to contribute to the Intellectual Property Office’s research into developing IP in the University sector. The device developed is now the central apparatus in an £800k research project on nurses’ health conducted by BCU’s Faculty of Health & Well-being. It has featured in a number of news reports, and included in the UK Trade & Investment publication ‘Enabling London 2012 and Beyond’.

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